Sunday, 15 November 2015

30-day Writing Challenge - Day 24

Something you miss

I miss my car.  I actually miss an awful lots of things but if I talk about all of them I shall probably dissolve into a puddle on the laptop which wouldn't be very good for either of us.

My car was a black Vauxhall Astra 1.8 Sport which had been owned by a boy racer and was geared low so it had great poke.  It was delightful to drive and I was distraught when I had to sell it.

I really miss having a car because of the freedom it gave you to shop wherever you wanted to shop, to just get in it and go somewhere, to pop in for a cuppa whenever you wanted to.  I could just drive over to my Mums whenever I liked and I really, really miss that.  I even miss washing it - I always felt it deserved to be washed by hand and not taken through a car wash.

I don't really like driving these days.  In fact I will do almost anything to avoid it but back then I loved going for a drive.  I had my car CD's and my travel sweets and a funky yummy smelling car freshner.  I knew how to check my oil, my tyres and my water - I even knew how to change my spare. If I still had my car I'd be driving all the time.

I had my one and only car accident in this car.  I skidded round a corner on black ice and flew into a ditch but I didn't panic and I drove into the skid and we made it in one piece.  I've been hailed on, obviously rained on, snowed on and aquaplaned in this car.  I've driven short little skits and several long hour journeys in this car.  I especially enjoyed driving the windy hill roads of Wales.  I raced motorbikes in this car, done over a 100 mph and used to follow the straight racing lines across the large roundabouts on the parkway where I used to live.

I really really miss my car.

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