Monday, 9 November 2015

30-day Writing Challenge - Day 18

Favourite colour and why


I love blue.  At age 18 all my clothes were blue - it was pointed out to me that it was a bit odd.  Right now I am typing in a blue top and blue jeans.  Blue rocks.  My husband and my baby boy's eyes are both blue.  The boys bedroom is painted B&Q's electric blue and looks bluetabulous.

Five pound notes are the happiest looking of the paper money.  That's the blue.  Cold people look more attractive than hot ones.  All in the blue.  Blue biro looks better than black.  Blue can be as slimming as black but doesn't make you look like you're dead.  There's a reason why the blue rinse is so popular.  

There are 52 shades of blue ranging from dark to bright to light.  Blue represents dignity, intelligence, strength, coolness, peace and serenity.  It is nature's colour for water and sky - two of the Earth's elements.  53% of the world's flags contain the colour blue.  The whole world wears blue jeans.  

Blue is also used for feeling of sadness but strangely this a relatively new concept as 'to feel blue' has no equivalent in any other language bar English.  Best of all blue has few connections to taste or smell which explains why blue slushies are just plain wrong and that blue could act as an appetite suppressor.  So not only is it the world's number one favourite colour, it will also make you lose weight.  Bluetastic.

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