Thursday, 5 November 2015

30-day Writing Challenge - Day 14

Your life in 7 years

The year is 2022.  Flying cars still haven't been invented and the cost of living has skyrocketed. Fortunately I am now a best selling author, finally able to contribute something to the table and we are able to live rather than scrape by each month.

We were made homeless in 2016, bouncing around from shabby rental to bedsit nightmare before a distant relative no-one ever knew of left us a house in their will.  After several years of living in rented rooms and grotty flats I finally had a house with a garden.  All my dreams came true, we bought a dog and called him Nicodemus.

Having self-published and promoted my book in 2016 it finally broke through mainstream consciousness and was picked up by Orion.  There was an instant cult following.  I wrote a screenplay based on the book which was picked up by New Line and made into a film.  Miles Teller played the male lead.  Thankfully I had believed in myself and already written a sequel which was considered, for once, as good as the original.  I took my toddler on a book tour and became the darling of dystopian literature.

Now that I had literary credit I was able to push the TV script for [TOP SECRET CONCEPT] which was picked up and became an instant hit thanks to the huge phalanx of Firefly fans who thought it was the best thing since Serenity flew.  I was invited to write for Dr Who and Supernatural, finally making that trip across the pond.  American readers were slightly confused by my englishisms and so I became an instant hit based on the idea that if no-one could understand it, it must be good.  I was invited on the Jimmy Fallon show and our skit went down in YouTube fame.

During 2018, we found out I was pregnant again and to celebrate we took a family cruise to Norway to see melting icebergs, northern lights and confused whales.  Inspired by our Norwegian experience we named the baby Gerd.  Husband was promoted and we finally bought a car however exorbitant oil prices in the middle east meant there was a chronic fuel shortage so it became a rather grand lawn ornament.

2019 was quiet as I juggled a husband, two children, a dog and a three-book deal.  The first of those books came out in 2020.  I could now consider myself to have achieved my dream as a writer.  Our little family lived in blissful happiness until disaster struck in 2021.  I don't know what kind of disaster as I don't like to dwell on such things but the good times can't roll forever so something bad has to happen - right?

Either that or the goddamn zombie apocalypse happened.  Luckily they can still read so all writers were corralled into safety zones to continue to churn out zombie-lit as fast as we could.  If your book wasn't liked then family members were eaten.  There was a sharpening of literary output.  E L James didn't make it.  

Look - the future changed in the 6 paragraphs since the opener - who knows what my life will be in 7 years time?  How exciting.

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