Sunday, 6 January 2013

Smells like November

It's funny how smell can automatically transport you to a memory or place. Whilst walking to clear out the cobwebs today I was convinced it was November. It smelled of fireworks and burning bonfires with that sharp tang in the air - nothing at all like January. Although I am not quite sure exactly what January smells like - I'd like to think it would be snow and pine needles - we cannot guarantee snow here unfortunately.

With today being the official day that Christmas decorations should come down on I suspect many homes are looking peculiarly drab and empty. We get so used to change so quickly that it can feel like a massive upheaval when everything goes back to normal again. Whilst the dearly beloved looks at the empty corner with pleasure, I feel somewhat lost and bereft. Nearly all the sparkle has gone.

One good thing about walking on Sundays is that you don't have to battle your way through the army of chuggers that seem to plague our streets these days. I do not like to be accosted whilst out eranding and I certainly don't like to be made to feel guilty that I don't stop to 'chat' to the scarily chirpy individual. I definitely think this job deserves to be somewhere on the top ten worst ones ever as I rarely see anyone stop and respond positively to them, most ignore, some extremely rudely. I cannot believe that it is a cost effective marketing scheme for the charity involved as the bad feeling towards the chugger could easily be transferred to the charity brand. If someone wants to give to charity they will, they don't want to have to field a dozen money grabbers on the lunch break.

The other thing that gets me with them is their lack of ability to recognise you. Now I might not be the most observant person in the world but if someone walks past me once and ignores me, I'd like to think I'd remember not to bother them a second time. Let alone a third. The headphones in the ears and talking on the mobile are the best avoidance ploys, try not to make your avoidance route too obvious as that usually attracts unwanted attention and whatever you do - don't make eye contact!!!

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