Monday, 16 July 2012

Day 1....

Even as I say that I can hear the Big Brother voice in my head...

So it's day 1 of Operation F.I.D and I've only been thinking about biscuits every 9 seconds in 10 - no, not really.  I jest with you.  It's actually not been that bad today but then first days are usually ok and I did have some ice cream.  Now I realise you must be thinking how does ice cream factor into Operation F.I.D.  Well it's very simple.  If you don't have a little indulgence now and then all you are eating is celery sticks with no enjoyment for the palate.  Flavours and textures and tastes are important, variety is the spice of life as we always say and the same goes for the food you eat - it's been proven that the more variety you eat the better off you will be.  And that doesn't mean all 26 variety of chocolate bar, it means colours of fruit and veggies and types of whole grains, beans and pulses.

I digress.  Food-wise I reckon calorie intake was *drum-roll* about 1700 ish - I am guestimating here but thet's ok, anything less than 2000 is a burn.  Plus I was hungry bored.  I dislike boredom, not for the mind-dumbing despair it brings but for the inevitable hand to mouth motion it attracts with crisps, nuts, popcorn ad infinitum. 

Exercise wise I cycled to work and home again - jiggity jig which is 12 miles plus an extra bit for cycling from GoodGym home.  That's about 1000 calories burnt according to my online calculator which is currently churning out numbers I like so it's accurate and wonderful and lovely.  I also ran 5k split into two halves.  GoodGym is .... good.. And I hate that I can't find another adjective but I tire and I'm struggling to get the vocabulary to finish this sentence let alone the post.  Anyway.... more digression.  GG rocks and I'm getting better as I wasn't at the back slowing everyone down and there was no walking and there was talking and gasping for air which is what anyone else will be doing when they try to read this inordinately long sentence with no punctuation!  lol

So day 1 was good.  The in and outs were at worst balanced, at best slightly in the negatory which is what we want.  All I have to do now is sweat through Step tomorrow and convince myself that going to see Magic Mike on Wednesday is a work out - nudge nudge, wink wink!!

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