Friday, 4 May 2012

Here a blog, there a blog

In the world of blogging it seems that everywhere you look there be blogs.  Everyone has had one, everyone has read one, everyone has got a great idea for one.  But the tricky thing is, they are harder then you think.  Unless you don't mind spewing venom for several paragraphs on a daily basis or bemoaning the hard, hard life you suffer it can be difficult to think of clever, witty, thought provoking blogisms on a regular basis.  Hence the little hole I find myself in.

This grasshopper has been neglecting her blog and her worms and is very very sorry.  Being unemployed should have been a superb opportunity to creatively flex my blogging muscles and yet it fell very very far by the wayside. So far that I was unable to reach out from my chair and grab it - you know that sideways bend when you know you could get it if you just stood up and walked over. 

Now that I am back in employment and my zing has zanged, I find the inclination has reappeared.  I just hope that in the meantime my bloggists haven't moved on to bigger and brighter blogs and they still want to read the non-salad related ramblings of a food addicted hopper.  Some things never change lol.

Wish me luck for this weekend, I am in search of oak trees and hoping for a LOTResque forest with dappled lighting and the possibility of hidden unicorns and fairy glades.  I expect what I shall experience will be cold, wet and miserable.  Pray for a local inn with delicious vittles.

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