Sunday, 26 February 2012

Interview Jitters

I have a second interview - which is awesome because since mid November last year this Grasshopper has been a little shy on the awesome job offers.  I just got to impress one more person.  But the thing is... I have nothing to wear.

Now I know most of you are now shaking heads and tutting and about to turn away from this startling female revelation but I mean it!  I wore my best interview clothes to the first interview - everything else I have is awful.  It's either so worn that the colour got washed out 10 washes ago or it's so casual and baggy due to the F.A.  This hopper defines the phrase 'Big Mamma Jamma'.  So what to do? What to do? 

I gotta go with the same trousers because they are the only smart ones that fit thanks to F.A.  I can change my shoes up but they are currently on a dodgy home-made fix because the elastic broke on one strap and I kinda McGuivered it back together which is fine when you are working at a place you don't want to be but when you are looking for a brand new shiny job?  Hmmmm.  Also the other shoe option, a.k.a the boots, is also a little tricksome.  They leak water and the faux leather has worn off the front and back and both heels are so worn through I think it's the actual soles of my feet that you can hear padding across the floor.  Yes, I am aware that my severe aversion to clothes shopping does somewhat hamper my professional style.  And yes, my awesome handbag is covered in worn to heck marks.

Tops is the key - I gave up wearing a blazer a looooooooong time ago because I refused to buy size huge plus the last place I worked was a tad on the casual side so long sleeved tops and cardis were fine.  The only problem is the cardi's saw their best side about 10 years ago and thanks to F.A the tops are not wearable without another layer of camouflage.  Should I just go for it and wear the same thing again?  I'm sure if I changed up the accessories no-one would know.  But I would.  And I have a feeling that my hopefully new boss would to, I think she has the eagle eye for details and is just like me in saying to others "Did you see such and such?  Gossip, judge, gossip, judge."  (But in a totally nice way)

So... like all things in the Grasshopper life I wait until the night before the big day to panic about the situation when it is nigh on impossible to find some kind of solution.  I expect to spend the evening trying on clothes, weeping copiously and then throwing all self control out of the window when the emotion-triggered F.A takes the wheel.  Fear not, dear blog-readers - I shall go flagellate and then regale you all with my woeful outcome after the big event.

And for those not in the know ........ My name is Grasshopper and I am a Food Addict (F.A)

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