Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I don't like baths

Sitting in a bowl (essentially) of hot water leaves me rather unfulfilled.  I just don't do baths.  I mean obviously I have one when showers aren't available, let me be clear - I am a clean grasshopper.  I just don't get the supposed bliss a bath is meant to bring.

It takes forever to fill the tub but you can't go do something else in case you get absorbed and then you have overflow issues - never good.  Once you think you've got the temperature right I can guarantee that you will spend the next 10 minutes going cold a bit, hot a bit, cold a bit, hot a bit and when you finally do step into the bath it will still burn your feet off and cause you intense pain.  But you think no no, I've made it now it will be OK, let me just sit down because my touche is obviously less sensitive than my feet and if I burnt my feet to hell there is no way I'll burn anything else.....

Then there is the actual sitting in the bath.  With nothing to do.  Watching your unflattering areas bob.  Sigh.  You can't read in the bath because inevitably the book or magazine will get wet either when you go to pick it up, put it down or accidentally drop it.  You can't sleep in the bath - that leads to drownage.  Light some candles, take in the ambiance I've been told but frankly watching a candle flicker is almost as much fun as watching paint dry.  It's soothing and helps you relax they say - actually it hurts my back and a hot hot bath just makes me sweat.  I know right?  A great mental image.

Another wonderful downside of baths is the excruciating pain your dry skin gives you when you get into them day after day after day.  Now that really does burn.

Give me a shower any day of the week, they are fun and sexy - so much easier to entice in the shower than the bath, there's no issue with suction for one.  You can sing effectively in the shower.  They can be hot, fast and powerful and you can feel yourself feeling better from head to toe plus they are excellent for washing hair - with a bath it just takes additional rinsing and a jug and effort - it's a whole big thing.  I also hear that showers take less water than baths so yay for the environment AND lets be honest, who wants to sit in their own muck?

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