Sunday, 1 January 2012

Welcome 2012

I figured it out.  My fellow hopper can't understand why I am so happy and smiley since I spent the better part of last year either crying or sunk into a pit of depressed depression but I've realised what it is.  I don't have to go back.

I quit my job without a shiny new one to go to because I was being silently bullied into the ground.  I was a mess.  I was paranoid and withdrawn, spending 8 hours at work without saying a single word to anyone.  I was miserable when I came home and miserable when I went to bed and miserable when I woke up.  I would literally have thrown myself down the stairs if I thought it would have got me out of going to work.  I cannot describe the utter despair I felt on Sunday afternoons when the weekend was nearly all gone and you realise you have to go back.

I am so happy to be in 2012.  Happy to coin a phrase and make a new start.  I've never been overly ambitious - I like a job to be insanely busy and have the opportunity to chat, chat, chat with fellow worker bees plus a little socialising on the side would suit me down to the ground.  Money really isn't an issue.  Well I mean, the evil governmental forces make it so I have to earn a bare minimum to cover certain costs but for me, it's not about the amount of moolah - it's all about the enjoyment factor.

I see 2012 as a great place to begin feeling happy again and I hope you do too xx

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