Thursday, 19 January 2012

Balancing Precariously

'The Lord giveth and he taketh away'

Well, despite the fact that I'm a little shaky on the Lord's existence, I can certainly confirm that when your up don't worry because you are about to come down.

Today I gained 4 pounds.  Well not today.  But this week.  Yay.

But then I had a phone call from a very nice man called Spencer telling me he'd seen my CV and had a job that he thought I would be great for.  And the role sounds awesome.  So the downer becomes an upper.  Yay me!

And then....

I get a letter from Halifax.  Apparently because I've nearly cleared my credit card and they've been reviewing their credit card accounts they've decided to increase my interest rate by 5%.  WTF???  I've struggled to clear this card down, I've made two late payments - still made them just slightly late - and apparently that means that I deserve to be penalised because very soon I won't have any money owing and the bank is going to miss out on squeezing me.  It's insane.  Bastards!!!!!!! 

So now I'm waiting for the good.  You know the balance.  The up.  The Yay.  Waiting.....

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