Thursday, 29 December 2011

The weight of Christmas

Tis the season and all that.  But the scary fact is that the average weight gain over the Christmas period is half a stone what with all the turkey and the trimmings and the puds and the chocolates and the alcohol and that's just on the big day, let alone all the left over hoovering that has to take place because after all, let's not waste good food.

I myself have gained a modest 3 pounds however the immense weight gain of the entire last year precedes the modest 3 and over all the numbers are not looking too good.  In this season of plenty, perhaps the focus should have been on plenty of greens and fresh air rather than death by raisin.  I am by no means a harmless bystander in this weighty festival - there was the cake and the pud and the mince pies and the fudge and the sausage rolls all lovingly hand made and now hanging out in the kitchen saying eat me, go on, I dare you.  There is only so much richness one delicately balanced digestive system can handle.  So there will be lots of chopping and wrapping and freezing and please don't be dismayed in several months time when you pop round for a cuppa and are faced with a slice of Christmas cake.

I admire those of iron will who stick to their calorie controlled way of life throughout the year and are out pounding the streets in their Lycra holier than thou outfits on Boxing Day but it seems I just don't have that constitution.  Now, if you need someone to last through a marathon Buffy session surviving on just junk food and pop, I'm your gal.  I guess this is an indication to the uniqueness of how the human brain is wired, some of us can just say no and others have to go swim in the sea of grease - figuratively - unless of course that actually does float your boat and then I'm first in line to say ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. 

The older I get the more I come to realise that you are what you are and no amount of wishing or hoping is ever going to change that.  I will always fall on the curvier side and my hair will never convincingly hold a curl but I can work with what I have and attempt to do a little bit of zen gardening on the inside, looking after my internals in the hope they will look after me.  Now, where did I put that StairMaster??

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  1. I believe you put your stairmaster back in the 1980's...