Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Aftermath

The end of Christmas for another year leads us to the aftermath of the festive season.  I hear the January sales (which began 26th December!) have been insane this year with huge amounts of money being spent at very early hours of the morning.  I can't imagine anything worse.  After spending time with my family enjoying good food, good company and good presents I just don't want to go a-jostling with the masses.  Plus my purse strings are most definitely closed...for a good long while.

The aftermath in the grasshopper bubble involves finding homes for the new additions as well as chomping our way through a mountain of raisin-related food.  The miniature grasshopper's room looks like a whirlwind ran through Santa's workshop - an excellent opportunity for a 'tidy/throw away' of tat.  Why is it that the miniatures love the tat so much?  Why is it that we human beans love the hoarding?  It seems that we just enjoy building little piles around us, our ever important stuff that gets continually added to.  I will never understand how people manage to live in show-home styley rooms where everything is minimalist and bland and has no personality.  It's important to have that slinky in the hall under the mirror, and those miniature guns on the window sill, the helicopter firing range on top of the computer and a bag with skateboards, chocolate and gloves in the kitchen.  This is real living in the aftermath.

Waistline aftermath is of course a very crucial question, but one that we don't need to address until the New Year because after all - there is the raisin-related mound that needs to be dealt with.  I dread to think what's going to be the end result but with a new series of Biggest Loser to look forward to and a non-existent food budget until I find a job plus that free gym - the great outdoors - I am only slightly panicked.  As always we say this year is the year but who knows - maybe this year really will be the year?  It's a very positive, gently glowing aftermath so maybe that's the key.

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