Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Circling 30

I will be 30 in t-minus 75 days (ish - maths has never been my strong point) which sounds like a really long time but when your cunning plan is to be all skinny and stylish by the time you hit 30 it isn't really all that long at all.

There comes a point in your life when you have to realise that you will never be perfectly coiffed on your way to work, you will never have beautifully manicured nails, you'll never totter down the platform in high heels or sashay along Piccadilly in the most up to date fashion.  The best I can muster at the moment is mild disdain for those who can whilst keeping my nose firmly planted in my book, after all the pages of my latest tome don't care what I look like.

A milestone in your years is something no-one can avoid thinking about; it is a period in your life when you look to your past to see what you have achieved and you look to your future to see what may be on the horizon.  Sometimes it can be difficult to see whether there is anything in either direction but it is important to think of everything no matter how large or small because even if you don't think so, you will have touched people's lives and made impacts.

It is tragically easy to think back and decide that you have achieved nothing or that you have failed especially if your life doesn't conform with the ideal we are all supposed to have.  I think that everything happens for a reason and has a myriad of knock on effects that we cannot even begin to be aware of - there is no point on looking back and wishing things to be different.  Instead focus on what you have now and enjoy the good things while they last.

A wise # told me once that if you think happy then you will be happy.  Maybe the problem lies in too much thinking but if there are happy fawts around, I am trying to catch them with my net!

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