Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Try, try, try

I was never allowed to give up.  As a small child the whine 'But I can't' was met with, "There's no such thing as can't."  And whilst I must admit I am human and I do give up from time to time, I never stop trying.  Trying to achieve something is part of what makes us human.  We may try to make our loved ones smile, we may try to save up for that summer holiday or we may try to get in shape for a special event.  I guarantee that everyone who reads this blog is trying to do something.

Without try there would be no success.  We may fail at the first hurdle, we may stumble at the second and we may throw the towel in at the third but most of us will come back again for another beating.  Never let it be said that Homo sapiens wasn't a trier.  It does us good to have goals - be they easily achieved in the eyes of some people or hopelessly unattainable in the lifetime of others - a goal will give you focus, give you an end point, send you whispers of a prize.

The people we meet on our path of life will be many and varied.  Some of them will make us want to try and move away...fast!  Others will make us want to be better versions of ourselves, to strive for greatness.  There are some that will make us try not to end up 'like-that' and others who we will look at wistfully trying not to be too jealous.  I think it is good to have a fire lit beneath your bones - whether it is to make sure that something does not happen or to make sure that it damn well does, the trying is the important part.

If you never try, how can that achievement be met.  If everything is handed to you on a golden platter and you never have to lift a finger to greatness then nothing you have will be worthy and all you will have is a hollow shell.  I don't want that. I would rather cry, weep, bleed and rail at the fates as I try to reach my goals then have someone say oh hey, here you go.  I want to know that I did that - that was me - I am, in this moment, greatness.

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