Monday, 6 December 2010

The Power of the Flake

Can you believe that a little flake of frozen water can cause so much trouble?  Schools closed, roads impassable, work empty, public transport frozen to a stand still and yet it still looks so so so pretty... until you can't get the car off the drive and your hands get so cold covered in snow that they ache and ache and ache.

The worry of frozen pipes, blown up boilers and frostbite become a reality.  -12 in the morning.  -12!!  Jack Frost clearly has the last laugh.  But why does the flake slow us down so much?  What is it about the white stuff that we Brits just cannot cope with?  And why do so many people say they don't like it?  It looks so magical, so clean, so sparkly and so serene - snow makes everything quieter too.

A sad sign of the times is the lack of snowman and the huge swathes of virgin snow untouched by snowballs rolling or sleds sledding.  Seems a shame that we haven't bundled everyone up and sent them out to play - after all you can't go anywhere or do anything because the country has ground to a halt so you might as well have some fun!!

But the good thing about being snowed in is that opportunity to warm up with friends, help each other with the shovelling and be neighbourly pushing cars out of drives.  There is no need to feel guilty slurping hot chocolate and eating toast next to a roaring fire, after all tis the season :)

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  1. we had fun didn't we, and we made our mark on the countryside with our blobby snow angels! :D and as for the car this morning... oh well, at least we made it there on time and it made for some amusing blogging material.
    I was slightly disappointed though... I was expecting to read about the chocolate variety of Flake.... ;)