Friday, 24 December 2010

Pain at Christmas

Seeing a fellow human being in pain has got to be the hardest thing in the world to deal with, especially when you have to sit and endure and can offer no comfort or ease their suffering in any way.

Pain comes to us at Christmas under lots of different guises.  It can be the obvious pain of a missed loved one - the pain of not being the favoured sibling - the pain of being on your own again - the pain of having lost that Christmas feeling and looking in all the nooks and crannies for a little piece of joy.  Christmas as a child is such a magical place, everything is driven to keep the dream of Santa alive for as many children as possible for as long as possible.  And if the Christmas magic is alive and well in your heart then that feeling stays with you and Santa really does visit you on Christmas Eve.  It seems the older we get, the harder it is to hold onto that piece of Christmas magic.  The more pitfalls life leads us through, the harder it becomes to feel joy to the world.

Life can seem very unfair at times.  How does Christmas carry on regardless - doesn't Santa know that all I want for Christmas this year is.....the impossible.  In a way, I am glad that I am not an excited child that my parents have to fake their Christmas spirit with, I am glad that presents can be left unwrapped for a day or two and that the turkey doesn't have to be roasted anytime soon.  I just need to find my Christmas magic - I know I had it, I think it got a little bit lost along the way and I hope that the pain will make room when the time comes.  For once his pain has gone then there is a little less this Christmas.

Love the ones closest to you, hug them and show them how much care this Christmas - it is the best present anyone can ever wish for.

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