Saturday, 18 December 2010

Fun at the fair

I love the fair - anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE the funfair.  I even love it more than theme parks and they are pretty cool.  I love the fact that it is always, always freezing cold when you go to the fair.  And there is always someone selling candy floss - how pointless is candy floss?  But its great when you get it from the fair.

I love the way all the lights make the funfair shine in the darkness and how you can see everything sparkling below when you ride the big wheel.  I love the rides that shoot you up into the air and drop you back down leaving you gasping for more.  I love the rides that spin you round and round and make your tummy do that flip flop feeling.  I love the dodgem cars, weaving in and out, trying hard not to crash into strangers whilst seeking out the person you came with to deliberately bump them and getting caught up in the middle of a bumper car sandwich.

There may be nothing finer than becoming a kid again for a magical few hours and just enjoying excitement coursing through you and that big, big, big smile on your face as the fairground lights reflect in your shining eyes.  It's one of the best moments in life.  And when you can share that wonderment and excitement with someone else then you just know you are going to get all the fun at the fair.

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