Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Wish me luck!

So today is the day.  The Big Day.  Well not that big day - but a big day nonetheless.  I have my first level 3 (means bloomin hard) exam, topic is infectious disease and surprisingly I feel pretty good about it.  Lets hope that self assuredness doesn't turn into cocky know nothing at all and big fat fail.

Straight after the exam I have to run across London to catch a flight to New York.  One day my life will be easy and simple with no hurdles to climb.  It should be fine, except it is the Circle line which of late has been somewhat disruptive.  Perhaps lady luck will be on my side today.  I hope so.  How gutted would I be if I got to watch the plane take off from Heathrow without me?  I'm fairly sure i have packed everything which means no doubt that I have forgotten the most important and vital item but just as long as the security guys at the airport don't think I am a mad scary terrorist all should be well.

Does it end when I get back I hear you say?  No.  On my trip to NY, I am taking with me my Molecular Biology text book because lucky old me has another exam the day after I get back.  Do you think your brain works with jet lag?  Well, I am the experiment so I will let you know!  It will pretty quiet for a couple of days (don't cheer too loud) but I will be back with all my NY tales and look forward to sharing them with you.

Hope life treats you well while I am gone :)

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