Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Grasshopper vs The World

Last night I went to see Scott Pilgrim vs The World.  And I loved it.  I wish my happiness could be decided by fighting seven evil exes.  I already have the kick-ass martial arts skills so just point me at the evilness and let the fight begin!  Take that pile of homework!  Kerpow looming deadlines!  Hi-ya evil diet saboteur!  And it's K-O, Grashopper wins and kerching - pile of shiny coins.  I wish, I wish life could be like that.


Why do we take on so many things?  It is almost like we feel driven to fill every minute of every day with something - whether it is reading a book, watching a film, listening to music, studying for a degree in our so called 'spare-time', going to the gym, hanging out with friends, cooking, talking to the parentals, facebooking - there just never seems to be enough hours in the day.  And when something else comes along you say yes, when you are supposed to say no!!!!!!!!  And then it becomes clear that an extra 24 hours in your day is nowhere near enough - you need an additional 36.  Oh, and don't forget about sleep - you need that... apparently.

So where does all this extra stress leave us?  Personally?  My hair is falling out.  And I think I had a minature panic attack at work today.  The rest of the world?  We are a time poor society with little thought to the emotional well being of ourselves or those around us.  Everything is needed yesterday, the now is so last year and we are constantly looking for what's next.  In these little eddies of panic - what is the best thing to do?

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