Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Chip Butty - the revival

A few weeks ago I posted a chips and gravy comment that started a 'discussion' on FB about the merits of chips and said gravy - some opted for mayo, some for curry sauce and some were firmly on the gravy wagon.  This made me think some more.  I do like to ponder about food and there is something quintessentially British about the chip - none of this fries malarky thank you very much!

I work in Piccadilly.  Not the sort of place you would expect to nip out and get fish n chips for lunch - sushi, an overpriced, under filled sandwich or soup so tasteless that it was probably last weeks dishwater is a given - but chips?  Ah well, panic not reader - there is a chippy down a side street off Piccadilly.  As a loyal follower of the chip, I suggested at work, possibly over enthusiastically, that we have a fish and chip day on the first Friday after payday. 

This was met with the vegetarian correctness of my statement - ok, ok, I said, what about a chip butty day. 

This was met with the 12 yr old (actual age twentyyoungsomething) asking what a chip butty was.


"What's a chip butty?"  I screamed over the desk at him as a red mist fell over my eyes.  I had to take a deep breath.  A chip butty is all about the soft white bread, butter (not marg, an important distinction), hot chips, salt, vinegar and a sauce of your choice if you have to because lets be honest a chip butty doesn't really need it and just tuck in mate.  Oh, he said, a chip roll - they are best in a crispy roll.  A roll!  A roll!

Dear reader, I hope you are with me on this.  The chip butty needs a revival - I urge you to go find the nearest chippy to work and on the first Friday of the month after payday - indulge!  Indulge I say!  Let us begin our 1 blog stand to champion the chip butty and for goodness sake just wallop anyone around the ear if they try to call it anything else.  It is what it is and no mistake.


  1. how on earth can anyone from the uk NOT know what a chip butty is???!!!!!!!! Bring on Chip Butty Day :D

  2. I hear ya! Lets be having those buttys :D