Friday, 27 August 2010

DIY and Knitted Squid

So much has happened in a few short days, where to begin?  My little blogosphere is growing which means even more people are able to read and mock my words.  No pressure.

DIY - this weekend I have decided to re-decorate my room, a small challenge fitting for the bank holiday.  DIY - do it yourself - those three little words bring hope and inspiration, I can do anything!  And so it was that the wallpaper was encouraged to leave the wall; it was going to be a straightforward, simple procedure that could be gently achieved over 4 days.  However, the wallpaper did not want to be encouraged off the wall despite enormous amounts of cajoling, instead it decided to split in two revealing in places some lovely rough plaster that has no intention of being smoothly painted over. Ho hum.  And so the gentle redecorating is no more, instead it is a mad scary plan to try and get it all done before I have to go back to work!! Yikes - this DIY thing doesnt seem like such a good idea now.  Do it yourself - hah!  More like do it with friends and thank the gods that I have good friends coming to help me out.  This little bank holiday project may yet be completed.

So where does the knitted squid come into in all of this?  Tonight was a special late night event at the Natural History Museum where anyone and everyone could come together and view an 8ft knitted squid and learn to make your own wee sea beastie - sounds wierd and odd but hey it's London and you know what it was fun!  Here is my small contribution to the knitted life under the sea :)

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